Dragon Cloud Press books are accessible, digestible and relatable. They are written to help women young and old answer burning questions about history, religion and politics.

Digital Edition

Brief, Complete Herstory

Renee Gerlich's Brief, Complete Herstory series is an illustrated overview of history from the Big Bang to the present day. It brings together the work of critical and feminist historians to address questions that women carry with them unanswered for far too long.

This instantly-downloadable colour illustrated e-book takes readers from the origins of life on earth to neoliberalism in 140 pages.

We learn from a range of feminist historians and authors, including Monica Sjöö, Marilyn French, Gerda Lerner and many more.

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digital edition

The Body Sermon. A Meditation On Interbeing.

Designed for browsing and meditating: each illustration tells you about another aspect of interbeing. 

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Limited Availability Print Edition

“Renée Gerlich’s writing is original, unsettling and rebellious. A courageous voice in the contemporary feminist movement that brings a deep dive into all the issues she confronts. No skimming of the surface here!”

  Janice G. Raymond

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