e-book: The Body Sermon

The Body Sermon: A Meditation on Interbeing
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'Interbeing' is a term coined by Vietnamese Buddhist monk and activist Thich Nhat Hanh. It refers to the fact that no living creature exists in isolation: we all exist interdependently.

This 36-page book offers you a collection of quotes handwritten with Zig brush pens and accompanied by black and white illustrations. This book is designed for browsing and meditating: each quote tells you about another aspect of interbeing. The book starts with the relationship between plants and our lungs, then moves to forests, soil, soil bacteria, fungi, and sunshine. It then moves to the gut and gut flora (our intestines contain more than 100 trillion microorganisms!), our bloodstream, heart, brain, sensory and sex organs.

It is almost impossible to browse this book and not feel simultaneously like your own existence has been placed in perspective - and like it is completely miraculous!


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