Book 3 of 'A Brief Complete Herstory'

Book 3, God, explores the woman-centred cultures of Old Europe through the eyes of feminist archaeologist Marija Gimbutas.

It then outlines the Indo-European conquests that introduced patriarchy to Europe, along with philosophical 'dualism.' God then examines church and state through the eyes of the powerful and overlooked nineteenth century feminist Matilda Joslyn Gage, who developed the radical critiques she laid out in her 1893 book Woman, Church and State with the aid of indigenous Haudenosaunee women.

Book 3 then travels through the Middle Ages, witchcraze, and the Arabic scientific innovations that fuelled the European Renaissance. On the way, we meet the lesbian poet Sappho; Boudica, the Celtic queen and priestess who led an uprising against Rome, and some wonderful medieval mystics and Beguines - all depicted in original colour paintings.


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