First 3 'Herstory' books

Book 1, 2 and 3 of 'A Brief Complete Herstory'

Mother Earth and Sea, Matriarchy and the Creation of Patriarchy and God are the first three books in a 7-book Brief Complete Herstory series, which offers an illustrated overview of history from the 'Big Bang' to the present day in bite-sized chunks.

These three books cover the evolution of life in the sea, land mammals, human beings and consciousness - all the way up to the Middle Ages. On the way, we meet many feminist and critical authors and fascinating characters. We learn about matriarchal cultures around the world; meet the world's first named author (a woman poet); a Celtic priestess named Boudica who led an uprising against Roman invaders in the year 60, and we meet the some medieval female mystics. A history course you won't forget!


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