Mother Earth and Sea

Book 1 of 'A Brief Complete Herstory'

Mother Earth and Sea is the first in a 7-book Brief Complete Herstory series, which offers an illustrated overview of history from the 'Big Bang' to the present day in bite-sized chunks.

This book explores human origins and the evolution of life on earth from the Big Bang to sea life, land animals and early humans, from a critical and feminist perspective. The story emphasises the relationship of evolution and reproduction, and it functions as an illustrated introduction to feminist herstory, spirituality and biology.

Because this series brings together the work of feminist historians to help address questions that many girls and women carry around unanswered for too long, I call it a 'herstory.'

Conventional history doesn't tell us the whole truth. Or help us understand how the world is so that we can make it better. Emphasising men and warfare means leaving out the stories and perspectives of half the population of the world - those women who are not fighting in wars. It is also hard for girls to relate and identify with the history of men.

When history is told from  women's point of view, it answers a lot more questions, like why are some children not being fed, year upon year, while others live in luxury? Why do school students need to care about a battle that took place in the twelth century, but not about the medieval Beguines, matriarchal cultures from around the world, the evolution of soil and plant life, or India's Chipko movement?


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