'Artemis Escaped' Postcard

All prices include shipping to any location.
A single postcard is sent in the mail with your address written on the back, and a note from me.

This painting is from a series of Olympian goddesses escaping their roles as the props of patriarchal myth.

This painting is inspired by the Olympian goddess Artemis, the huntress with her bow and arrows.

Artemis is outside the cave of a bear. The roots of the name Artemis are connected with a word arte, meaning bear. This image also takes inspiration from a Japanese fable retold in Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Women Who Run With the Wolves as The Crescent Moon Bear. In the story, a Japanese woman faces her anger by visiting a wise woman who tells her to climb to the peak of a nearby mountain and take one hair from the chest of the crescent moon bear. The story is about being kind to one's own anger.

It also reminds me of a meditation technique called the chöd, developed in the twelfth century by a Tibetan spiritual teacher called Machig Labdrön and currently popularised by author Tsultrim Allione as a practice called feeding your demons


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